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Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group

Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group

AEISG represents all the significant manufacturers and suppliers of blasting explosives in Australasia,


 Following the decision of our CEO, Mr Bob Sheridan, to step down in early 2021, AEISG commenced the process of seeking an appropriate replacement.

A strategic review of the association redefined our purpose, goals, and strategies to ensure that we remained relevant to industry needs, with resourcing requirements for growth as a competent and more broadly recognised industry association.

The CEOs function as the Explosives Industry representative on safety and security issues was critical to the qualifications, experience, and personal characteristics considered for the role. Following an extensive process, AEISG is pleased to announce that Mr Richard Bilman has been appointed as the new AEISG CEO.

Richard has tertiary qualifications in both Chemistry and Business and has regulatory experience in explosives and their precursors (including overseeing the performance-based regulation of Major Hazard Facilities). He supplemented this with several years in senior management roles in industry addressing safety, health and compliance responsibilities. Richard will bring renewed enthusiasm to the role of CEO facilitating improvements in safety and security in industry activities across Australasia.

In due course, Richard will be contacting all AEISG members and relevant regulators to introduce himself and continue AEISG’s cooperative working relationship in the pursuit of common goals.

AEISG’s former CEO will work closely with Richard on a seamless transition and continuity of the association’s activities.








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