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The international explosives industry association SAFEX has recently issued its new Good Practice Guide (GPG06(1)) covering the transportation of technical grade ammonium nitrate.

This guide will complement the existing SAFEX Good Practice Guide for the storage of ammonium nitrate (GPG02).

Ammonium nitrate is manufactured, imported, transported, stored and used in large quantities by the explosives industry in Australia, and has been involved...

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Australian Forum Of Explosives Regulators approves labelling changes for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) containing explosives.

At the meeting of AFER on 16 November 2016 Australian explosives regulators agreed unanimously to remove the requirement for Emergency Information Panels (EIPs) on FIBCs containing explosives as required by section 3.2.7(1) of the Australian Code for the Transport of Explosives by Road and Rail....

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National Transport Commission exempts MPUs from the ADG Code

At the request of Australian Dangerous Goods Regulators, AEISG developed a code to address Mobile Processing Units (MPUs) used to manufacture explosives at the use site. MPUs carry ingredients to make explosives, rather than the explosives themselves, thus improving safety on public roads. However, because of the incompatible nature of the ingredients,...

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