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The Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group (AEISG) is pleased to announce that a new Code of Practice, ‘Import of Explosives’ has been released, and is available on this website. Go to the Code of Practices section to download this new code. AEISG Codes of Practice (CoP) are developed in the interests of improving safety and security in the handling of...

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United Nations Model Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods accepts Electronic Detonators

Following continued submissions by AEISG, the UN Committee of Experts has agreed to include new entries for Electronic Detonators in the International Model Regulations.

For safety reasons, there has been a need to effectively differentiate between ‘Electric Detonators’ and ‘Electronic Detonators’ – explosives articles employing vastly different technologies. However,...

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National Transport Commission exempts MPUs from the ADG Code

At the request of Australian Dangerous Goods Regulators, AEISG developed a code to address Mobile Processing Units (MPUs) used to manufacture explosives at the use site. MPUs carry ingredients to make explosives, rather than the explosives themselves, thus improving safety on public roads. However, because of the incompatible nature of the ingredients,...

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