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Codes of Practice

In the interests of improving safety and security in the handling of explosives and related materials AEISG develops industry codes of practice which members are required to follow under the AEISG Constitution.

AEISG Codes are developed with both industry (supplier and user) and regulator input to ensure practical and acceptable methods of using and handling explosives. The codes are generally accepted by regulators in most jurisdictions within Australia, however it is important that any potential user of the codes checks their status in a particular jurisdiction.

Some of the AEISG Codes have been adopted into legislation, while others are accepted as ‘approved codes’ by regulators.

AEISG regularly reviews its codes of practice and is always keen to receive constructive comments on improving any of them.

While these codes are, and remain, copyright, AEISG makes them freely available on its website for use by any interested parties.

Members can download more about AEISG’s Codes of Practice by signing into the “Members Section”.

Code of Practice: PDF file – opens in a new window, “Save As” to your target folder.

  File Name Edition
pdf Storage and Handling of UN3375 Edition 5 July 2018
pdf Mobile Processing Units Edition 4 September 2018
pdf Blast Guarding in an Open Cut Mining Environment, Edition 1 March 2011
pdf Elevated Temperature and Reactive Ground, Edition 4 March 2017

Prevention and Management of Blast Generated NOx Gases in Surface Blasting.

AEISG NOx Risk Assessment Proforma Tool

Edition 2 August 2011
pdf Segregation Barriers for Transporting Mixed Loads of Detonators and High Explosives, Edition 2 March 2014
pdf On-Bench Practices for Open Cut Mines and Quarries Edition 2 March 2018

*AEISG Codes marked with an asterisk indicates they are currently under review for updating.

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