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Calls for the Federal Government to implement national explosives controls

The explosives industry in Australia has once again called on the Federal Government to implement national explosives controls.

Twenty years ago (1996) the tragic shootings at Port Arthur in Tasmania resulted in the introduction of national gun controls in Australia.

Given the increased security threat level and the known attraction of explosives as a prime tool for terrorists, the industry doesn’t believe it needs another tragedy or disaster to lead to national explosives controls in Australia.

It is common practice around the world, in all developed countries, for explosives controls to be administered at a national level to ensure clear and consistent requirements are in place to protect the safety and security of the community.

At a time when the Australian Government is, rightly, expending significant resources on improving national security, why are explosives controls the responsibility of 8 different state or territory jurisdictions with inadequate and inconsistent security requirements and varying ability and enthusiasm to improve or upgrade these requirements?