AEISG Constitution 

The Australian Explosives Industry and Safety Group was fully incorporated as a non-profit organisation in NSW in May 2005 and AEISG Inc. was registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading in September 2007. Being incorporated under the NSW Incorporations Act it was necessary for AEISG Inc. to have a registered constitution.

The original AEISG Constitution of 2007 was slightly amended in April 2009 (Version 1.1) and again in April 2012 (Version 1.2) primarily to address:

  • Increased membership of the group (increase size of committee, quorum size, member list);
  • Role of CEO (limit voting rights);
  • Financial arrangements (bank account signatories);
  • AEISG address changes; and
  • Format errors.

A review of the AEISG constitution in 2014 by the new CEO identified a number of issues which warranted attention, including:

  • The existing constitution did not reflect the way the group was in fact operating;
  • The group had a small membership, unlikely to increase significantly, while the constitution was drafted for a large member organisation;
  • The constitution was not consistent with the requirements of the NSW Incoporations Act which contained a Model Constitution, which took precedent over any existing requirements;
  • The rules contained within the constitution were ambiguous and, at times, contradictory.

As a result, members agreed in November 2014 to a review of the AEISG Constitution.

A new constitution was drafted by the CEO and circulated to members for comment. This draft was amended as a result of comments received during 2015 and then sent to a legal firm for advice on its appropriateness in meeting AEISG needs and to ensure consistency with the NSW Incorporations Act.

A new draft AEISG Constitution has now been finalised.