The Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group Incorporated (AEISG) is an industry association representing the interests of the suppliers and manufacturers of explosives in Australasia, excluding fireworks. As its name implies AEISG has a primary interest in explosives safety and security but is evolving into a representative role for its members in those matters affecting the explosives industry such as the relevant legislation and its administration.

Should you be a member of the explosives industry in Australasia, you are invited to apply to join AEISG and participate in the work being undertaken to improve the safety, security and productivity of the industry as a whole.

An application form and an outline of membership categories is provided below.

NOTE:  Full Members also contribute to the annual operating expenses of the AEISG Association on a scale relevant to their agreed Class (Major/Intermediate/Minor).

The relevant Class for any new applicant will be determined by the AEISG Committee upon application.