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United Nations

United Nations Model Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods accepts Electronic Detonators

Following continued submissions by AEISG, the UN Committee of Experts has agreed to include new entries for Electronic Detonators in the International Model Regulations.

For safety reasons, there has been a need to effectively differentiate between ‘Electric Detonators’ and ‘Electronic Detonators’ – explosives articles employing vastly different technologies. However, to date, there has been no Proper Name or UN Number to assign to Electronic Detonators. As a result, they have been classified, packaged, labelled, transported and used under the existing Electric Detonators entries – adding to ongoing confusion and potential safety issues.

The new edition of the UN Model Regulations due to be released in early 2019 will include three new entries for Electronic Detonators (UN0511, UN0512 and UN0513) depending on packaging and resultant classification (1.1B, 1.4B or 1.4S).

AEISG believes this is one important step in removing the confusion between Electric and Electronic Detonators, will lead to better informed industry and regulation alike and improve safety in the handling and use of explosives.