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WA Exempts MPUs from the ADG Code

Operators of MPUs transporting AN and ANE on WA public roads will, from tomorrow onwards, need to fully comply with only one single Code – all sections of the AEISG MPU Code.

The ADG Code will be irrelevant, except for those sections of the MPU Code referring to the requirements of the ADG Code.

Please note that the amended Dangerous Goods Safety (Road and Rail Transport of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007 remains very relevant to the explosives industry.

While swapping over from complying with the ADG Code (and hence MPUs being exempted from Parts 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) to complying fully with the MPU Code, MPUs remain subject to all other non-ADG Code provisions of the Regulations including Parts 1-3 , which includes instruction and training among other things, Part 14 – Emergencies, Part 15 – Exemptions, Part 16 – Approvals, Part 17A – Determinations, Part 17 – Licensing (for drivers), Part 18 – Insurance and Parts 19 – 23.

Note that there is no exemption from a DGs Driver Licence at Reg 215:

What is of interest for future attention by the explosives industry is the training course for drivers who drive MPUs on the open road.  To make sense in the new legal WA environment, the training course should be based on the MPU Code and not the ADG Code. It will become even more relevant, if and when the NTC manages to exempt MPUs from the ADG Code in the next reform package.

WA Dangerous Goods Safety (Road and Rail Transport of Non-explosives) Amendment Regulations 2017